*SOLD* Blue Goldstone Pendant



A sleek design that sparkles like the midnight sky.  This elegant pendant can been worn as an everyday wear or hold up solidly with the little black dress.

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Height 1-1/8" or 2.9cm
Width 1-1/4" or 3.2cm
Depth 3/8" or 1cm
Weight .431 oz or 12.2g
Materials Sterling Silver
Stones Blue Goldstone

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Pendant in the Making-

Everyone likes the glittery effect of the Goldstone and my personal favorite (due to its' color) is the Blue Goldstone.  Even though it says "blue" I believe it is more purple in nature and a fun representative of a starry midnight sky.  The story of this pendant's making came together almost by fate.  I was creating a masterpiece necklace to enter into a local museum show and during the design process of that pendant I had to create a stone special just for it.  This stone was the first attempt at that masterpiece design but it was a touch off.  Nothing was wrong with it, don't get me wrong, it just wasn't perfect for what I was trying to obtain with my drawing.  So I set this one aside knowing fully the shape of the stone was a winner and this new second pendant would be a strong pendant it itself.  As it was sitting on the work bench and my mind pondered over its possibilities one of my textured tube bails found it's way near the Blue goldstone and it was an instant marriage.  Originally I had wanted to put my signature scrolling work, but you can't argue with fate. 

Size and Weight-

1-1/8" tall by 1-1/4" wide
2.9 cm tall by 3.2 cm wide

12.2 grams or .431 ounces

Sara Rappee Jewelry

I'm a self- taught, enthusiastic, down and dirty rock lover who has a lifestyle stuck in overdrive. My name is Sara Rappee and I am starting this business to get my silver and stone creations out to the people who enjoy them as much as I do.

My work is unique in that every component of the jewelry I create is made by my hands.  Nothing is wholesale crafted components shipped in.  It all starts from sheets of sterling silver metal and wire and a rough chunk or slab of rock.  The stones shapes are selected, cut, shaped and polished using a series of 6 lapidary diamond wheels and a final leather polish.  Then that stone is set into a custom made sterling silver setting and the design is drawn up.  The fun begins with the creation of the design and the soldering process making it come to life.  If you would like to see images of this "behind the scenes" process can peruse the photo albums on my Facebook page "Handmade Stone and Silver Jewelry"  This is also the place to see all my current work that I have not had time to officially post on this web site.

Goldstone Gemstone meaning-

  • Red goldstone is associated with vitality and energy.
  • Blue Goldstone is associated with learning and communication.
  • Green Goldstone is associated with growth and abundance.

Goldstone is a man made gemstone that has been around since the European Rennaissance.

Early monks working at a glass factory near Venice, Italy were practicing alchemy when molten copper accidentally tipped into a molten glass container.

This crystallized into thousands of tiny crystals and formed a melt with golden light sparkles. This is how the first goldstone came about. Though it is not technically a gemstone, it is often referred to as one.

Goldstone is an energy stone.

(online information source- https://crystal-cure.com/goldstone.html)

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